Moving and Meaningful Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies when Restrictions are in Place

Current social isolation rules and guidelines mean that there are restrictions on the time allowed for some ceremonies and the number of mourners permitted to attend. I would like to reassure you that together we can devise a beautiful, unique and meaningful ceremony for your loved one even within the confines of a 20 minute time allowance.

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Smaller gatherings at funerals allow for more time spent on paying tribute and celebrating a life and less on the logistics of managing a large crowd. It leaves us free to make expressions of gratitude and love central to our time together. This can feel less formal and more personal…easier… than a more traditional rendition of a life history.

‘Dear Sally
I don’t think you realise what a difference you have made, in such a positive way, to such a traumatic time for us. 
You ‘held our hand’ throughout and listened so carefully.  The detail you included within the Service was extraordinary. 
So thank you for your patience, kindness and encouraging words at times when we needed them so much. The funeral was beautiful.’ 
M, J and D 


Including others

Cremation: We have the possibility of webcasting at some crematoria so that those unable to attend the ceremony in person may watch from home via the internet.
Burial: Some cemeteries allow families to record the ceremony on their own devices.
Wherever our ceremony takes place, there are other ways too in which we might include those who would normally have attended the service and are unable to due to current restrictions e.g.:
 – by reading a written piece from them that they’ve sent us
 – by playing a recording of them reading their tribute, if they can send that to us.
 – by playing a piece of music that they’ve suggested or that they’ve recorded themselves
 – by sending them a copy of the ceremony script so that they can read it and follow along from home at the same time as the ceremony is taking place. (I’m happy to provide a presentation copy of the full script emailed to you ahead of time, so that you can send it out to others before the day of the funeral.)
In a few locations, or during localised lockdown, you might only be offered an unattended cremation or burial for your loved one. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then an online funeral ceremony is another option. Please see here for further details.