Bereavement Coaching in Somerset

From Loss to Life

It starts with…

Loss…death…illness…divorce…redundancy…financial loss…

…which knocks us sideways and often when we least expect it… there are strong emotions to cope with, questions about our relationships…how to cope with the changes…preserving what we hold most dear…

Grieving fully is crucial for our wellbeing, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we engage with this willingly, it can release us to a new, revitalised phase of our lives. It’s in crossing the threshold between our life as it was before a loss and our life afterwards that we can face challenges. Unresolved grief can even surface years later as an unwelcome obstacles in our personal or working lives…feeling stuck, anxious or lethargic…

Woodland path going down - bereavement can lead you down

I would like to invite you into the fullness and vibrancy of your own life through skilful, professional coaching… the life that exists and flourishes even with the losses you are suffering… maybe even because of them…

What is bereavement coaching?

Bereavement Coaching provides you with a thinking space, a sounding board and the encouragement to follow your heart. You will learn more about yourself through constructive conversation with me and commitment to the tasks you set for yourself. This journey is led by you with guidance and support from me…a unique opportunity to explore, recognise and bring into play the special strengths that are yours alone.

Together we will

‘Grief is a skill. Its twin is being able to love life.’

Stephen Jenkinson

Woodland steps leading you through bereavement - Crossing the Threshold Celebrant Wells and Mendips

From the comfort of your home:

Typically, we spend 50 minutes in conversation during each coaching call, which is booked in advance at a mutually convenient time.

Support in a very difficult time

Sally has a very basic sanity making her an excellent sounding board. She has supported both of us in a very difficult time.


Calmer, less anxious and more focussed

‘I thought I was a confident career-minded person and when ill health struck and my whole life collapsed around me I knew I wanted some help and yet resisted every step of the way. I should not have… I became calmer, less anxious and focussed on what I really wanted the future to be. Sally’s invaluable, calm, honest and open feedback have opened the way to a clearer path.


Non-judgmental, very supportive and very flexible

We’ve found Sally to be non-judgmental, very supportive and very flexible. She has a very sensitive approach and is able to reflect dispassionately’


Your work in the world is vital

Your work in the world is vital, and I feel blessed to have had such an auspicious time of healing with you.


Gentle and caring approach

Sally has a gentle and caring approach, and her insight has provided me with a “safe” environment within which to experience and address uncomfortable issues.

S F.

Depth and sensitivity

The balance between the depth and the sensitivity of your work has been superb.


You have helped me

You have helped me stop tormenting myself about the past, freed me from seeking approval from those who will never give it, and have a more peaceful and understanding relationship with my children and husband. Even with all this I am not perfect, but I will allow myself to be truer to myself and find my strength again.


Insightful and objective

Sally never fails to be both insightful and objective and brings clarity to the most apparently complex situations. It is less that she has all the answers but rather that she provides a space in which answers arise naturally. Above all else her integrity shines through.


Please feel free to contact me to arrange a free, no obligation, exploratory conversation to discuss your requirements.