Crossing the Threshold provides bereavement counselling

Bereavement coaching helps you put the jigsaw back together.[photo credit: puzzle_0577 via photopin (license)]

When a loved one dies, or we experience a great loss such as divorce, redundancy, financial misfortune, it can knock us sideways and often when we least expect it. A loss of any kind can bring into question many aspects of our lives and cause us to reassess our very existence. Often we are brought face to face with the nature of our relationships with others, with our personal resilience in the event of change and with the values that we hold dear.

The process of grieving

Grieving fully is crucial for our wellbeing, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we engage with this willingly, it can release us to a new phase of our lives. It’s in crossing the threshold between our life as it was before a loss and our life afterwards that we can face challenges. Unresolved grief can even surface years later as an unwelcome obstacles in our personal or working lives.

I would like to invite you into the fullness of your own life…
the one that exists and flourishes even with the losses you are suffering…
maybe even because of them…


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What is bereavement coaching?

Bereavement Coaching provides you with a thinking space, a sounding board and the encouragement to the encouragement to follow your heart..  These are steps that gently lead you to succeed in your life on the other side of the threshold of loss. It is a way of learning about yourself through constructive conversation with me and commitment to the tasks you set for yourself. With increasing awareness you are primed to flourish through your experience of grieving.

This journey is one that is led by you with guidance and support from me as your bereavement coach. It is a unique opportunity to explore, recognise and bring into play the special strengths that are yours alone.

Bereavement Coaching is about acknowledgement, encouragement, partnership and finding the courage to step out and look at the world from an entirely new perspective. In empowers you to find a new path forward: at a time when you’re ready; that’s just right for you and; that empowers you to live your best life.

‘Grief is a skill. Its twin is being able to love life.’
Stephen Jenkinson

What’s the difference between Bereavement Coaching and Bereavement Counselling?

In short – coaching is about working with you to find your own solutions and path forward. Counselling is more of a therapeutic process.

First steps in healthy grieving include allowing feelings to surface and be expressed and then starting to address any underlying personal and spiritual issues that might be keeping us stuck. Counselling can be helpful if you feel as though you’re remaining stuck in the processing of your grief, despite your best efforts at moving through this transition. If you’re feeling stuck or fearful of grief, counselling might be the best place to begin.

At the point where you feel ready to use your innate capacity for healthy grieving, then coaching can be most effective for helping you reconnect with your strengths. It can help you integrate into your life what you’re learning now and forge a new way of being in the world.

What are the signs that I might benefit from coaching?

– A budding, or increasing awareness, of your beliefs and values.
– Starting to feel ready to move into the future.
– Seeking inspiration and guidance.
– Open to partnering with someone who can ‘hold the space’ for you as you begin to live again.
– Looking for someone objective who can act as a sounding board for emerging ideas.

What results might I expect?

– New perspectives, new insights, a greater degree of compassionate self-awareness, being able and willing to consider different paths forward in life that meet your deepest needs and wishes and that reflect who you authentically are as a unique and valued individual.

– Feeling able to move forwards at a pace and time that’s right for you, with no pressure or judgement.

– Finding the courage and personal resilence when needed, when this might seem too challenging to do alone

– Feeling ready to celebrate and find joy, without guilt.

– To be able to move on, not despite the loss you’ve experienced, but in awareness and acceptance of the changes that have resulted, internally and externally.

Bereavement Coaching by phone or online, from the comfort of your home.

Typically, we spend 45 minutes to an hour in conversation 2-3 times per month. I also include email coaching between live coachng sessions at no extra charge.

I coach from a spiritually and emotionally intelligent perspective, embracing tried and tested coaching, training and mentoring approaches. I have studied both Eastern and Western Psychology and embrace ancient teachings and universal truths in a modern context. I see honouring, and living from, our authenticity as being paramount in making the journey across the threshold of bereavement. So, I also draw on practices based on the principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence that support us in remembering and reclaiming our true purpose in life.

To arrange a free, no obligation, exploratory conversation on the telephone simply contact me to arrange a time.