Independent Funeral Celebrant – Companion to the Dying – Bereavement Coach.

Wells and Mendip Hills, Somerset.

Moving and Meaningful Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies
during the Covid Pandemic

The end of a human life brings with it a set of significant changes in the lives and loves of all involved. There can be shifts in relationships, roles and responsibilities, not to mention emotional turmoil and lots of unanswered questions.

This is a significant journey on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – both for those finding themselves at the end of their lives and for those who are left behind: it’s the crossing of a threshold.

Funerals with Heart and Soul

Vase of cornflowers. Wells Independent Funeral Celebrant

Funerals for Unprecedented Times Please also see this page for adaptations to  funeral ceremonies during the Covid – 19 outbreak A funeral marks a significant event – the end of a unique life, the loss of a loved person, the Continue reading →

Companionship for the Dying

Butterfly in hand. Symbolic of companionship for the dying. Wells, Somerset.

As your companion, I will draw on traditional skills to lovingly ease your passage from this life and to ensure that your death is as dignified and peaceful an experience as it can be.

Bereavement Coaching

Jigsaw illustrating picking up the pieces, part of the Bereavement coaching at Crossing the Threshold

Picking up the pieces and thriving on the other side of the threshold. Coaching provides space to mourn and integrate, a sounding board and personal champion.