I coach locally, nationally and internationally by telephone or video call with email support. So, we can work together whether you live in the UK or another European country. Coaching calls take place at agreed intervals, usually 1 or 2 per month. We agree a length of time for each call, usually 45 minutes or an hour. Email coaching between coaching calls is included at no additional cost.

Month by month bespoke coaching.

My approach is to tailor your coaching programme to suit your requests and individual needs. Your choices are:

Two 45 minute calls per month + email support – Β£130 per month

Two 60 minute calls per month + email support – Β£150 per month

One 60 minute call per month + email support Β – Β£90 per month

(You are free to move between these options on a month by month basis so that your coaching programme meets your needs. Those on low income or unemployed may wish to contact me to negotiate an affordable, fixed price package.)

Several jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered on a white surface. Some are with the face up while others are with the face down. On the right upper corner there is a partially solved fragment made out of six pieces.

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Goals and Process

Coaching is about reaching your goals. It is also a process, a journey in your personal and spiritual development. Our time on the telephone together gives you the opportunity to be heard in a space that supports self-reflection, by someone whose only agenda is your success. These processes often continue outside of the coaching calls, fuelled by your personal energy, commitment and enthusiasm. Email coaching between coaching calls is thus an important means for you to continue making progress and address questions as they arise. It adds value to your coaching, facilitates faster progress and underpins our agreement of evolutionary partnership.

If you would like to discuss how this would work for you, please feel free to contact me to arrange a no-obligation, exploratory telephone conversation.