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Sailing Home

Image of sailing, metaphor for life and death

I led a funeral yesterday for someone with a strong connection to the ocean. Sailing can be a wonderful metaphor for life and death. It involves working with the elements:

 – observing tides and currents,

 – aligning our intentions and actions with forces greater than ourselves,

 – facing great waves and storms

 – being be-calmed.

 – trimming our sails in preparation

 – opening up our sails to catch more wind

 – surfing

 – getting beached

I imagine many of us can relate to scenarios like these in our lives. In death, we might imagine sailing off into the sunset. we might see ourselves alone, or accompanied by others, but following a reassuring light that beckons us and bathes us in it’s beauty.

We used the boating theme throughout the ceremony: for our heartfelt celebrations, gratitude for the life of a unique human being and to support us in saying our last goodbyes.

(Image by Daniel Morrison on Flikr Creative Commons)